Preview: Colonialism as ‘Self-Determination’ in the UN Declaration of Indigenous Rights

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Self-determination is a cornerstone of the entire concept of human liberation. Using the complete inversion of self-determining rights codified in the recent United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a lens, we will examine the extent to which we’ve lost our collective sense of this core principle, and what is need to restore not only our understanding of its meaning but of its proper place in our struggles for social, economic, and political justice. Led by Ward Churchill, at 10am on Wednesday, April 10th during the Art of Social Justice Conference. Don’t forget your program!



Preview: “Naked: Reclaiming Sexuality After Tragedy.”

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NAKED! is a celebration to raise awareness for men and women who have been victims of rape or domestic violence. Most times when a person has gone through these tragedies, the main thing that is attacked is their sexuality. Rather it is through rape or domestic violence, a healthy acceptance of sexuality and self love is the goal and motivation for this wonderful artistic performance of NAKED! NAKED! will host the premiere of the highly anticipated debut of the new calendar, Bare Astrology, dedicated to the same celebration and awareness of rape and domestic violence. Happening Tuesday at 7:30. Grab the full program for the Art of Social Justice Conference here. For more info, visit

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Preview: Discovering Your Personal Art Form, Enacting Social Justice Naturally

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This workshop will examine how our life circumstances can not be labeled or seen as something that is bad or good, but as the very elements that allow us to refine ourselves into a work of art. Through simple exercises, we will discuss how one finds their own personal way to make one’s life a living art form, and set intentions for going forward into the future this way. Lastly, we will discuss how in living our life as art, we naturally enact social justice within the world around us. Led by Lynsie Buteyn, Wednesday April 11th at the Art of Social Justice Conference.

Workshop Preview:

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The traditional university course that relies on lectures is being replaced by more participatory and multi-media learning strategies.  Central to this change is the scholarly-activist video, produced by students who advocate for social justice within and outside the university. This workshop is designed to provide participants with three key steps to create scholarly-activist videos and receive appropriate academic reward for their work.  The steps include designing a scholarly plan of action, crafting politically useful visual text, and measuring the efficacy of scholarly-activist videos. This is not a video production how-to workshop. It is a hands-on conversation about the integration of video strategies in university coursework and dissemination of image-based scholarship in the Ivory Tower and beyond. Led by Marty Otañez, Phd
of University of Colorado, Denver’s Anthropology Department. Grab the full program for the Art of Social Justice Conference here!

Presenter, Terese Howard

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Terese Howard is an active participant of Occupy Denver. She has been involved since the beginning in many fronts, including as a member of the GA procedures Committee, Education Committee, and Declaration of Purpose Drafting group. She is a first year graduate student at UC Denver in the Master of Humanities and Social Sciences Program, focusing on philosophy and politics. She has been an organizer for Free School Denver, Black Mesa Indigenous support, and other projects in Denver for several years. Her interests range from public spheres and participatory democracy, the roles of inclusion and exclusion in shaping effective social movements, and responsibility and accountability for informal and formal leadership. Listen to Terese discuss her role in the Occupy Denver Movement during the Occupy Panel at 1pm on Thursday, April 12th during the 2012 Art of Social Justice Conference.

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Presenter, Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish

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Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish is a co-director at Woodbine Ecology Center promoting a whole-istic & just sustainability that acknowledges indigenous contributions & struggles. She has long been passionate & active in sustainability, social justice, and cultural imagination. She recently returned from Uganda as a State Department BoldFood fellow working to ensure global food security & justice starting with the US and Uganda. She co-hosts the Skywalker Artivist Meetup (artist+activist=artivist). Her favorite ecological term is “ecotome” (or ecotone), an especially diverse boundary zone between ecological communities. Michelle is a multi-ethnic writer, editor, project instigator, and mother of three.

Organizer, Daniel Salcido

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Daniel Salcido is an event coordinator for the Beyond Chicanismo Oral History Project at Metropolitan State College of Denver’s Department of Chicana/o Studies as well as a double major in Political Science and Chicana/o Studies.

 His writings have appeared in the Beyond Chicaismo Oral History Projects’ two student-produced books titled “The Symbols of Resistance” and “The Struggle for La Sierra,” as well as in Turning The Tide: Journal of Anti-Racist Action, Research and Education.

His interests include internal and decolonizing paradigms, popular and critical/radical educational pedagogies, and revolutionary nationalist movements for self-determination.

Finally, he is a Mexicano grassroots community activist, educator, and organizer with Resistencia Mexicana, Al Frente de Lucha and the Tierra Amarilla Youth Leadership Institute.

Check out Daniel Salcido as he presents on ‘Settler Imperialism and Stolen Lands’ during the 2012 Art of Social Justice Conference.

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