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Presenter, Terese Howard

March 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Terese Howard is an active participant of Occupy Denver. She has been involved since the beginning in many fronts, including as a member of the GA procedures Committee, Education Committee, and Declaration of Purpose Drafting group. She is a first year graduate student at UC Denver in the Master of Humanities and Social Sciences Program, focusing on philosophy and politics. She has been an organizer for Free School Denver, Black Mesa Indigenous support, and other projects in Denver for several years. Her interests range from public spheres and participatory democracy, the roles of inclusion and exclusion in shaping effective social movements, and responsibility and accountability for informal and formal leadership. Listen to Terese discuss her role in the Occupy Denver Movement during the Occupy Panel at 1pm on Thursday, April 12th during the 2012 Art of Social Justice Conference.

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