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Workshop Preview: Build 2020

March 9, 2012 Leave a comment

Reality is in flux.  Technological adaption is rapidly re-wiring the human experience, and the pace of change is accelerating.  Futurism?  Cyborgs?  Economic Justice?  Social Justice?  Sustainability?

Governments, corporations, think tanks, banking institutions, and special interest groups have a plan for 2020.  Do you?

Beyond 2012, it is time to Build 2020, on a community think tank level.

Hip-Hop Artist, Poet, Historian and Futurist MOLINA is the living word architect of the Build 2020 Manifesto – a dynamic 75-minute audio project that combines oratory with hip-hop mixtape production.  The manifesto centers on the notion that the next ten years will determine the next several hundred years of humanity on planet Earth. The conversation explores technological development, accelerated social change, social networking, transhumanism/singularity, environment decay, educational and political theory, and sustainability.

Build 2020 is set to happen Tuirsday, April 12th at 4pm in the Multi-Cultural Lounge. For more information, visit

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