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Event Preview: Contesting Colonial Identities

“Contesting Colonial Identities”- Clayton Caroon and Glenn Spagnuolo

This panel will offer three presentations which examine the “identities” that have been created by historical imperial powers and forced upon the colonized peoples of the world and how these identities are being contested on both micro and macro levels. The first presentation will examine the false reality of universal norms created by the international legal system and its support of the Western power’s “civilizing mission.” This presentation will also explore an alternative perspective to the common narrative of universal norms of human rights in the international legal arena and the global economic market. The panel’s second presentation will examine how colonial and imperial structures were developed, applied, and utilized in East and Southeast Asia and the Pacific Rim. Attention will be given to the development of these colonial structures over time and their effects on both the citizens of these states, local indigenous communities and global economic structures historically and today. The third presentation will look at how certain Indigenous colonized peoples contest their colonial identities through everyday interactions such as surfing and the tourism industry. Particular attention will be given to the often misunderstood “violence” and “locals only” ideology by native/ indigenous surfers on the North Shore of Hawai’i and also the “tamed savage” image that is popularly employed in the tourism industry in both Hawai’i and elsewhere in the Pacific Rim. Some attention will also be given to how the Kanaka Maoli people of Hawai’i have begun to contest these images as part of their struggle for political and territorial independence.

Set to happen at 2:30-3:45 on Tuesday, April 10th during the 2012 Art of Social Justice Conference. Snag the full program here.

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